Find a Better Way

by: Roy Khoury

As a Personal Trainer my objective is to always find a better way, whether my client wants increased strength, decreased pain, better function for sports or just life.  My job is to ask, “What the best way to achieve this goal?”

I spend a lot of time reading, learning and trying to find the best way possible.  In an effort to be the best teacher I can, I would like to share The Strength Coach Podcast with everyone.  While this podcast is geared more towards a Strength Coach/Fitness Professional is serves as a great way to get trainer and client alike to think and learn.  There is always a better way.

Check out the podcasts section on iTunes and search for The Strength Coach Podcast.  Let me know what you think.

Product of the Month- October 2009

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Keep Your Core Strong

We all have heard of “the core” but what is it really?  Is it just your abs or is it more?  Your core is made up of your pelvis and spine and collectively their job is to keep your head upright.  The muscles surrounding these structures were designed to transfer energy from your lower body through your upper body and vise versa.   So why should I care?  If any part of your core is dysfunctional (overly tight, or extremely weak) then your core will compensate to keep your head upright as it was designed.  This will typically result in pain and poor movement.  Keeping your hips flexible and your entire midsection (front, sides and back of your midsection) strong and stable will help in avoiding poor movement patterns and ultimately pain.

Try movements like planks, dead bugs and superman’s to help improve control of your core.  Contact me for more information.