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Hip Mobility Circuit 1

Hey Everyone,

Check out this video blog on hip mobility.  Hip mobility is necessary for everyone from rotational athletes such as golfers and martial artists, to weekend warriors and work-o-holics.  Keeping good hip mobility allows the lower back to relax and may help prevent lower back discomfort.

Perform each movement shown for 30 seconds per leg.  Start with the static (or stationary) stretch each leg first, then perform the active version of the stretch each leg.

1) Static Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

2) Active Kneeling Hip Flexor

3) Static Hamstring Stretch (foot elevated)

4) Active Hamstring Stretch, with hip rotation ( foot elevated)

5) Static Adductor Stretch

6) Active Adductor Stretch (with hip hinge)

Click here for  Hip Mobility Circuit 1 Video

Next time we will go through a Hip Strengthening Circuit.

Any questions?  Contact me via email or comment on this post.

Enjoy the video!

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