RFK Training and Therapy Solutions

Just a quick update… RFK Training has been contracted by Therapy Solutions as an Anatomical Therapy Coach.  My role will included Education and Corporate Wellness.

Therapy Solutions’ focus is on eliminating musculoskeletal pain, through Anatomical Therapy (or movement therapy).  The idea is that proper movement and ultimately posture will allow the body to be in a position to heal itself.  Their philosophy jives with mine so I thought it would be a good move for RFK Training.

For more information about Anatomical Therapy contact rkhoury@rfktraining.com or check out Therapy Solutions

Barefoot Training?

About a year ago I found about about Vibram 5 Fingers shoes, and read a book titled Born to Run which spoke about bare foot running.  I was stoked because for the past 2 years I have been encouraging my clients to train barefoot.  I believe modern shoes provide too much support, therefore “shut down” or ask your feet to stop supporting themselves.  As you look as incidents of foot, ankle and knee injuries you have to wonder is it improper training to always be in shoes??

In comes Vibram and their “5 Finger” shoes.  I love this product and slowly started incorporating them into my training regimen. I have noticed improved balance, in both static and dynamic movements (standing on 1 leg, as well as squatting on 1 leg) as well as decreased knee discomfort.  I occassionally felt knee pressures and pains that foam rolling and stretching would not help.  My conclusion is that my feet are finally picking up the slack!

A couple at a coffee shop that were asking me about the shoes, and told me that Time Magazine just ran an article on them.  Than I came across this news piece about the shoes.

Just thought I would share.  Any questions let me know!