Hey everyone,

I just attended an awesome Golf Clinic at Oak Creek golf course in Irvine.  It was a great event hosted by both Cadillac and Callaway Golf and featured some of Southern California’s top PGA instructors and an awesome presentation by David Leadbetter.

David Leadbetter and Me

David Leadbetter Speaking

PGA Pro- Sean Lanyi (Director of Golf- Coyote Hills Golf Course)

PGA Pro- Sean Lanyi giving a putting lesson

The Golf Clinic offered tips on Pre-shot routines, Chipping, Putting, and a Video Swing Analysis to the attendees.  We were also able to test out Callaway’s full line-up of clubs which was fun.

Hopefully next year they incorporate some Golf Fitness!!

Power Performance…

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What creates Success?

Think about when you have been successful in the past…was it luck?  Did you plan for it?  Was it happen-stance?  I am sure you have experienced some sort of luck in your life which is always nice or had something randomly occur that was in your favor.  But more often than not people that succeed and I mean really succeed, either in career, sport, or in life have/had a plan.

If you’ve ever read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki you know that a dream was achieved by creating a plan, learning, doing and ultimately (sometimes after many failures) succeeding.  How many athletes can you think of don’t practice and continue to succeed?  How many business people do you know that don’t go to work and still make money?  While there is always going to be the rare case out there in the world, odds are, it’s not you, or me.  How are we going to get where we need to go? 

1) How can you get there, if you never start the journey?- I can’t tell you how many clients I have met that had a “goal” in mind but never planned for it, then were always upset becuase they never change!  How absurd is that?  How can you get there, if you never start the journey? Put your thought to action.

2) You can’t have your cake and eat it too- Once people start their journey, they find a fork in the road, then another and another.   They end up wanting so many things that they can’t focus on their priorities.  Ultimately your wants and needs get scrambled and you never progress.  Take the time to figure out what your priorities really are and look at what you are or are not doing to make they priorities happen.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

3) “Ready, Shoot, Aim“- I met a guy by the name of Todd Durkin at a Perform Better seminar years back, and the 1 thing I always remember when I think of him is “Ready, Shoot, Aim”.  I always thought that was  a funny saying but think about it for a second.  How many times have tried to think of the perfect plan, but you can change this one part, then this part over here can be better…  I am usually guilty of trying to come up with the perfect plan for my clients, but I have to remind myself as long as I have a plan, I can start.  Plans may have to change as you go along, there is never a perfect plan.

Remember, you won’t always be lucky, but if you have a plan your luck may improve.  Get a plan and get to your goals!

Golf Injuries…

When I think about golf and common injuries sustained from either poor swinging patterns, mis-hits and over-use all the usual suspects come to mind, elbow tendonitis, lower back, and shoulder pain.  Some things are glaringly obvious, and some aren’t.  Take for example Anthony Kim and his thumb, how does that happen?

I was reading Sports Illustrated’s Golf issue (May 2010) and they highlighted Kim and his entourage which was fun to read.  Towards the end of the article the author touched on Kim’s thumb injury and about his decision to get it surgically repaired.  The injury (according to this article) is to the “ulnar collateral ligament” in the hand.  This ligament is located in the web of the palm and attaches the thumb to the base of the index finger.  In Kim’s case, his ulnar collateral ligament has torn and must be reattached.  According to the New York Times (May 4th 2010) , the pain in his left thumb has force Kim to change his swing and as a result his right shoulder has been hurting as well forcing him to get the thumb repaired to avoid new injury and damage.

Changing your swing to compensate for a current injury can and will cause a new injury, in Kim’s case, his right shoulder is now suffering from overuse and poor movement and that spurred his decision to repair his thumb.

So what do you do if you are experiencing any pain or have been diagnosed with any injury?  Best bet, get assessed by a Titleist Performance Institute certified Fitness or Medical Professional.  Let us figure out what movement pattern is causing you to overuse and aggravate the hand/thumb.  From there we can teach you how to train to improve your current movement patterns and reintegrate new, efficient patterns into your swing.

I am of the belief that your movement patterns need to be assessed, poor movements need to be correct, and then new patterns need to be re-integrated with your sport.  It’s the only way to reduce injury, heal and prevent new injuries from occurring.

If you are currently noticing any pain or injuries aggravated in your golf game, contact me for an evaluation and let’s get a game plan going to address it.