Oak Creek Golf Club & Pure focus â„¢ to Host Advanced College Prep Camp for Junior Golfers

Participating instructors and presenters scheduled to attend:

  • Eric Lohman: PGA Member, Oak Creek Golf Club Director of Golf, former UCLA golfer
  • Glenn Deck: Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor and Director of Instruction at Oak Creek Golf Club and Pelican Hill
  • Mark Reid: European PGA Professional and former David Leadbetter Instructor
  • Jason Goldsmith: AimPoint Instructor
  • Roy Khoury: Professional Golf Fitness Trainer (TPI Certified)
  • Ted Gleason: Head Coach & President of Road to College Golf, former collegiate head coach  (U of Southern California & Southern Methodist University)
  • Paul Smolinski: UCI Men’s Head Coach & Julie Brooks: UCI Women’s Head Coach
  • Jason Drotter: Cal State Fullerton Men’s Head Coach & Pearl Bonanni: Cal State Fullerton Women’s Head Coach

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As all of you know, I try to be the best that I can be so I can provide the highest quality service possible.  That being said I take my education very seriously and try to stay at the top of my game.  This month took part in the Titleist Performance Institute’ s (TPI) Level 3 Golf Fitness Instructor certification course and I passed!

After researching on the www.mypti.com fitness pro finder, it seems I am the only Level 3 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor in Orange County!  And only 1 of a handful in Southern California (the others are mostly made up of the TPI staff!!).

I take pride in myself and in what I do and I will continue to learn so I can provide the best possible experience for my clients.

If you have any questions about TPI please feel free to contact me for a description and evaluation.



Putting is the most important part of the game, over 40% of strokes are on the green. Most difficulties come from distance control.

1.. To help your distance control we first have to make sure that your posture is correct. You can check your posture by setting up to a ball in your putting stance, with a second ball in your left hand. Raise the ball to your left eye and then drop the ball. If you posture is correct the ball will land on the ball on the ground. You can adjust your posture based upon where the ball lands. The correct posture allows the pendulum of the shoulders to be consistent.

2. A drill that is effective to help distance control is a simple one, yet very effective for practice or warming up before your round . Place two golf balls onto the green (two steps about 6 ft.) from the collar or fringe. Going through your entire REAL process putt the balls so they will stop at the edge of the collar. Key is to go through the process on each putt, not simply walk up and hit the second putt. This will help you develop distance control and build confidence.

Repeat this process again taking three steps (about 15ft). Again the key is to go through your REAL process on each putt as you will do in your round and feel the stroke applying the correct distance. Repeat the drill twice… then go make one two foot putt to hear the sound of the cup and you are ready for the first tee.

This golf tip was provided by K. Tracy Roberts.  Coach Roberts is a PGA Class A Teaching Professional and has been dedicated to athletes, coaching golf at the championship level for more than two decades. His golf coaching is based in Irvine at Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course.

For more information visit www.PlayREALGolf.com



As we age our bodies begin to breakdown.  We have to deal with injury and nagging aches and pains.  In the current issue of The Strength and Condition Journal (Oct.2010, Vol. 32, Num. 5) an article was published titled Strategies for Aging Well.  In this article a handful of studies were discussed and quoted in their findings of age related changes and the benefits of exercise.  Different types of training were discussed (Resistance Training and Power Training, Mobility and Balance Training will be used as examples here).

As we age some of the biggest issues we deal with are difficulty in movement (either due to lack of activity, previous injury, or disease), decreased balance, and lack of strength and speed.  The right kinds of exercise can help all of these things.  In the article Strategies for Aging Well, they discussed studies done on flexibility and balance training, resistance training and power training, and the benefits of each.

What they found were: In every study done, the subjects improved in whatever they were working on (balance, strength, power, flexibility).  The summary of the article reads as follows, “’The old adage of ‘use it or lose it’ is a key rule for maintaining physical independence as a person grows older’.  A comprehensive physical activity program for adults includes aerobic exercise, resistance training including power training, neuromuscular training, and flexibility exercise. Resistance training is associated with a long list of documented benefits, including increased muscle mass and strength, and enhancements in functional performance (particularly with power training), which is related to being able to maintain independence and protect quality of life… The exercise professional who is familiar with age-related changes and challenges that face adults is poised to assist them in aging well by helping them to improve their fitness…we can all take steps to age successfully.”

I enjoyed this article because it reinforced what I have been saying for the past few years to all of my clients, young, middle aged and older adult; it’s all about use it or lose it.  You can always get it back if you’ve lost it but it’s easier to keep it from an early age, rather than earn it later on in life.


  1. 1. Geithner, C,  PhD, Mckenney, D,  BS. Strategies for Aging Well. Strength and Conditioning Journal, Oct 2010, Vol. 3, Num. 5


November 1st, 2010

Friendly Hills Country Club, Whittier, CA

RFK Training was a proud sponsors of the 2010 Southern California PGA Pro-Team Tournament.

Congrats to the team winners (pictured above) for more information on how all the teams did today click here.  It was a great day out at Friendly Hill Country Club in Whittier, Ca.  The weather was perfect and RFK Training was glad to be apart of it!