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Last week I posted a blog about a company called Renew and Brenda Watson. After researching a bit and watching Brenda’s PBS special via YouTube, I decided to order some products and try them out. As a Personal Trainer and Golf Fitness Professional I feel it is important to educate about health, and physiology with my clients.

I placed an order for Renew’s Probiotic formula as well as the Liver Cleanse. The reason I decided to use the Probiotic was based on Brenda’s information from her special.  Although I tend to eat pretty clean most of the time, I have always wondered how well I digest and process foods so we will see how the Probiotics go. I also chose to try the Liver Cleanse. With all the toxins in the environment, and even within foods we eat, the Liver is constantly taxed to purify the body. I figured some support wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I ordered the products and received them quite quickly (even they are carried at most local stores such as Whole Foods) and have been using them for about 4 days now. I will update my findings again in about a week or so.



Roy was featured in Titan Magazine… Click here to view the article

Here is an excerpt from the article:
“Golf evokes visions of putting greens and driving ranges, but Roy Khoury 04 (B.S. kinesiology) is one of the few looking to transform the world of golf by incorporating fitness and exercise into golfers training regimens.

Khoury has evolved from a physical therapist aide to the president of RFK Training and a Titleist Performance Institute-certified golf trainer since graduating from Cal State Fullerton.

I always imagined working for myself, Khoury said. I realized that working in a typical gym with a bunch of equipment is not where I wanted to be.

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A client of mine told me about an upcoming PBS special on digestive health and digest care products by a company called Renew Health. The company’s co-founder Brenda Watson is a certified nutrition consultant and digestive care expert that believes, as I do, that digestion is a very important part of health and cannot be over looked.

Brenda will be featured in her 4th PBS broadcast called The Road to Perfect Health- Balance Your Gut, Heal Your Body, an in depth look at how chronic disease starts with an unhealthy digestive system. You’ll learn why probiotics, not just yogurt :), are helpful for strengthening the gut and reducing illness and keeping healthy.

Here’s a short clip from the PBS special…

I think there are some really important key points to health and wellness and I will be reviewing some of the products from Renew Health soon. I will keep you updated on what I find!