Commitment Trouble?

I was thinking about yesterday’s blog on New Year’s Resolutions and how to keep the ball rolling, when on my breakfast break, I came across this awesome talk on TED.com on “The Battle Between your Present Self and Future Self”

You can freeze your credit cards in the fridge to stop yourself from using them, or “tie yourself to a mast” to prevent yourself from doing something you shouldn’t, or you could develop your self control.  Daniel Goldstien, the featured speaker, says developing self control is like developing your physical strength…You have to work at it!  Watch the video and work it out.

It’s a great talk to continue yuor motivation and thought process for you new year’s goals!

New Year's Resolutions

The first of the year is busy time in the gym.  Everyone wants to drop a few lbs., get healthier and improve their athletic ability.  It’s a great motivation to see so many inspired people hitting it hard!  Here are a few tips to keeping that movitation going through the rest of the year:

1) Make a plan- The number 1 reason people come into train is accountability!  I ran into an old client at lunch today, and she said since she has stopped training, she gives herself the OK to finish a workout early, and skip the things she knows she needs.

Solution- If you can get an assessment, see where you stand and get a plan.  Having an organized schedule may help you stay on track, and do what you NEED to do in addition to the things you like to do.

2) Motivation- The first of the year is great becuase more than likely you busted your butt at work or school for the entire calendar year and you made (or allowed yourself) to make some poor decisions and party a little harder than you should have during the holidays.  That mean a few extra pounds, and a few days misses at the gym so Motivation is high.    The problem is we tend to lose that drive as work gears back up and stress hits us.

Solution- Set attainable goals.  Whether your goal is to make it to the gym 3 times this week for the month, or to cut sodas out entirely, set YOUR goal, and track it.  There are apps out there like “Lose It” that will help you write down food and exercise and continue to motivate you and track your progress.

3) Don’t lose sight of what you need- More often than not people want to fall back and go into “Cardio Mode” and live on a treadmill to get back into shape.  Don’t get me wrong, your need cardio but you also need to address your alignment (foam roll) , your core work, and your strength training.  Cardio is just one aspect of your training. 

ADL warm up / cool down from kenneth s nitta on Vimeo.


Solution- Finish your workouts with cardio, and set aside a day or two as a “regeneration day” to focus on your foam rolling and longer term, steady state cardio.  

4) Diet or Exercise?- Most often we become 1 track minded and want to focus all on diet or all on exercise, niether is right, and you need both! 

Solution-  You have a few great tips above for the exercise part, but we haven’t addressed food yet.  Check out Food Rules by Micheal Pollan for some great tips and mind changing eating strategies. 

5) Be Realistic-  I will cover a few things under this topic:

ADL food tips 1 from kenneth s nitta on Vimeo.

– Drink your water, and quantify how much you are getting in.  Look to get about 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces per day and add about an extra 10-20 oz for workouts.

– Get your sleep.  You need about 8-10 hrs per day  if you get less you are “draining your sleep savings account” which will limit your recovery and your gains. 

– Limit your stress.  Increased mental or emotional stress in addition to the phsyical stress you are putting your body through during workouts accumulate and will limit your gains.

- Long Term weight loss is really fat loss.  It takes work and dedication, so don’d kid yourself and set reasonable goals when it comes to fat loss.  I tell my clients that dropping fat is a behavioral approach, realize you will have to give somethings up (alcohol, sweets, salty, fatty).  How bad do you want it?

I hope you enjoyed the tips, and the videos are from me and my friends at the Athletic Development Lab.