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What is mobility and why should I care?

Lets call it for what it is, mobility is movement. We were made to move and if we don’t move then we hurt, and if we hurt then life sucks. The goal is not to achieve extreme movement but rather to have OPTIMAL movement of joints and muscle tissues and here is why:

Our joints– joint mobility is crucial to making sure we can live our lives without pain or compensation AND be able to perform athletic movements.
Our muscle tissue– Having the right length to our muscle tissues is important for spacial awareness and sensory information from the outside world to our central nervous system.

Mobility is fundamental and without it our coordination suffers which means our athleticism goes down and our potential for injury goes up.

How can we work on our mobility?
Get assessed! If you are coming back into working out after an injury or a lay off or if you feel generally uncoordinated, then getting an assessment can help us rule out any sort of joint related issue that may need a medical eye to have greater understanding of what is happening.
If after an assessment we find a tissue extensibility issue, stretching will greatly help you out.

Here are a couple of other things to consider when thinking about your mobility:
1) Nutrition. Guess what, what you eat can help or hinder your mobility.

2) Water up! Make sure you get 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water throughout the day.

3) Eat your fats and protein. There are some fats that are anti-inflammatory and can help with joint lubrication and motion. Protein is the building block of muscles not to mention multiple other systems and processes in our body. Eating the right fats and enough protein is just optimizing your recovery. You are what you eat.
Supplementation- Using supplements like multivitamin, BCAAs, and collagen can be helpful in recovery and improving mobility
Move Well- Move Often (nuff said)

If have any questions feel free to reach out!