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Trunk Rotation

All 4’s Trunk Rotations

One of the places people struggle moving from the most is the in the thoracic spine (aka t-spine or the rib cage). This is the area of your spine between your neck and lower back that attaches to your ribs. This area encases your vital organs like the lungs and heart, and stomach and if it doesn’t move well it can affect breathing, and digestion, but I digress.

Can you arch your spine backward, round it forward and rotate it in each direction? If you can’t then certain movements, like the golf swing can become less accurate. There is a big relationship between poor trunk motion and poor swing paths.  Check out this drill called All 4’s Trunk Rotation too help improve your thoracic spine and rib cage mobility!  Try 2 sets of 5 in each direction and let me know what you think!


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What should I eat on course?

Eating clean helps maximize our energy and focus on the course

One of the most consistent questions I get asked is, why do I run out of gas about hole 12/13/14?  More often then not people will blame their cardio, when really, they never properly fueled their body before or during their round. Regardless of your level of play, optimizing your fuel is one of the most basic and easy things you can do.

What to eat before, and during the round can be one of those factors that changes your focus, energy, and level of play.

First rule of thumb:

  1. Eat a good meal before you play. You might have to play with what works for you, but I like to have a good meal before I play. I try for something that consists of good protein and fats and some fibrous carbs. Think eggs, bacon and some sautéed spinach, versus a bowl of oatmeal or a protein shake. I want something that is going to stick to the ribs and not play havoc on my blood sugar levels.
  2. Snack throughout the round. I like to have something small every few holes. Think about packing a sandwich that is cut in half- eat half now and half for later. Pack good quality nuts and some easy to eat veggies like broccoli or baby carrots. The idea here is not to stuff yourself, but rather we are trying to “top off your fuel” before you run out.
  3. Two bottles of water. I like to have 1 bottle of good quality water with me at all times, and another bottle of water mixed with some branch chain amino acids or BCAA’s. The water is obvious, you have to stay hydrated especially if its hot or really windy and the BCAA’s can help satiate you and help with focus.

Food doesn’t have to be complicated, just prepared. This message especially goes out to my competitive juniors and adults. My goal is simple, lets take everything that makes golf more difficult out of the scenario so you can focus on your next shot. The last thing you need is to lose focus because you are hungry, thirsty, or tired.

Roy Khoury is the owner of Roy Khoury Fitness in Newport Beach, CA and is a Level 3 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor from TPI.

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Remodel Time!!!

After 2.5 years we are remodeling the studio! Stay tuned for more information on new classes, workshops and training!