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Functional Strength

How do I obtain Functional Strength? Do you strength train? I hope so. Strength is needed when building power especially for the golf swing.  If you aren’t lifting to improve your Functional Strength you might be strong but you aren’t going to optimize what you got. What do I mean by that? Functional strength- to me- means […]

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TPI Level 1 Movement Screen

I really enjoy everything I have learned and will continue to learn from Titleist Performance Institute (www.mytpi.com). All the information they have been able to compile on the body-swing relationship has really helped me to communicate to my clients and their golf instructors about potential issues and more importantly about how the body can be […]

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How do you practice?

How do you practice? Did you know that how you practice can affect how you learn? What we do can either help gain/retain skills or hinder your progress altogether. With that being said, there are a couple of different ways we can practice to acquire or improve a skill and they are: Blocked Practice- Blocked […]


What is mobility and why should I care? Lets call it for what it is, mobility is movement. We were made to move and if we don’t move then we hurt, and if we hurt then life sucks. The goal is not to achieve extreme movement but rather to have OPTIMAL movement of joints and muscle […]

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2:1 Drill for Power

My friends over at the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA.com) asked me to help them out with some of their videos for their SCGA Tv and my friends over at Pelican Hill Golf Club allowed me to video on their driving range with Tim Mitchell (@TimMitchellPGA) to demonstrate one the first drills I might use […]