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Remodel Time!!!

After 2.5 years we are remodeling the studio! Stay tuned for more information on new classes, workshops and training!

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Random Thoughts

A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time in San Fransisco working and attending a seminar and had some time to reflect on things. I must say I feel pretty fortunate to be able to have a career that challenges me to learn, grow and want better for myself to better serve my clients.

Scotty, Chuck Taylor, and Team Titleist

Scotty, Chuck Taylor, and Team Titleist

The fact of the matter is, I am a teacher, plain and simple. I teach movement. Part of being a teacher is being student. If I cannot, learn and grow and expand my base how will I ever effectively teach? Part of being a teacher is crafting my expertise and helping a lot of people. That means I bust my ass working with clients and use much of my free to time trying to learn more from others that I look up to.

I am a 35 year old guy, that owns a fitness business dealing with golfers and their ability to compete pain free and excel at what they do. I do not sell sessions or packages, instead I sell my knowledge. I hold a college degree, and multiple advanced certifications and many many hours of continuing education that probably costs more than my college degree didi at this point- and I am not stopping. I want my studio to be a hub for education, so I have hosted seminars and am working on my own classes and seminars as well. I have dedicated the last 15 years of my life to get me to where I am today- and I am still growing and changed and understand that the more I know, really the more I have to learn. I started a business with the mindset of helping my community better themselves through movement to enhance their lives and their sport.

It’s a very fun, rewarding profession and I feel fortunate to be able to do what I do in this day and age. I help people move better so they can feel better and live life to the best of their ability. I just happen to like the game of golf and really enjoy working with golfers because I find for the most part, they put in the effort to want to listen, learn and put into action what I am teaching them.

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Hey Everyone!

We are moving!! March 1st 2014 we will be moving to The Fit Fix Studio, located at 3700 Campus Drive, Suite 100 in Newport Beach, CA.

For more information, contact Roy Khoury at rkhoury@rfktraining.com or check out the Contact Page for a map and directions.

See you there!

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Roy Khoury of RFK Training was featured on the cover and interviewed by the editor of Southland Golf Magazine for the September Health and Wellness issue.

You can view the article (click here) at the Southland Golf website under the fitness section, titled Moving right along

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Roy Khoury of RFK Training showing a golf fitness movement for the cover of Southland Golf Magazine

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My friends over at California Golf asked if I would like to be a featured blogger for the new website so I have started writing a series for them.  The First post I wrote about deals with on course nutrition and it titled “Eat, Drink, Score!” (click here to view).

Since the blog is a short write up, I decided to expand on some of the points I made in it here:

1) Always eat before your round!  It’s a good idea to have some food in your stomach before you go run out to play.  It’s stressful enough to get to the course with barely enough time to warm-up, so make sure you have eaten and have fuel for your round!

2) Choose water over sugary drinks.  Everyone likes a Gatorade or soda, but while your golfing (and especially in heat or humidity) water will serve you much better.  Water keeps you hydrated, that keeps your more muscles more limber which you want throughout your round.

3) Love up the good fats and protein!  I can’t stress enough, stay away from sugary foods and drinks.  Instead opt for some protein and fat (example would be some almonds and beef jerky, or a protein bar over a granola bar).  Reason being is you want good consistent blood sugar levels throughout your round.  If you eat a candy bar you will get your sugar rush, but you will crash and you don’t want that happening when your trying to sink that 4 footer for birdie.

Remember performance is about being prepared.  Eat smart, train smart and practice smart!  Your golf game will improve if you put the right work in!!

To see the other tips I wrote for California Golf click here 

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Last month I was interviewed by Livestrong.com on the topic of How to get back into Working Out Everyday

The write-up was done really well and included tips from myself as well as from 2 other trainers.  Give it a read for some great usable info.  For the rest of my tips read below!  Enjoy!

Take the time to get a physical assessment

  1. Trainers nowadays are highly skilled professionals and are great at identifying what work you need to put in. Find a credible trainer, get an assessment and if you don’t want to work with a trainer on a regular basis get a PROGRAM.  Working out should be fun, challenging and a learning experience that keeps you motivated. Let the experts help with that. After all, the idea is to create a habit that you can continue, so do the right thing once and get after it!


  1. Foam Rolling, aka the poor man’s massage is a great tool/technique to warm up with. If you are just getting back into exercise, I am guarantee you will have areas that are tight, knotted up and painful. Using a foam roll will help to loosen up knots and promote blood flow. It will also help to improve the quality of your muscle tissue which in the long run is the goal.
  2. Warm-up after foam rolling. Start with a good stretch routine (such as active or dynamic stretching) to open up the hips and activate your core muscles.

Core Training

  1. We have all heard of the core, but do you know what it is? I describe the Core as your hips, pelvis, spine, shoulder blades and shoulders.  That’s a lot! Learning techniques such as bracing the core (tensing your abs, obliques, and deeper ab muscles) or shoulder packing (engaging the muscles in the upper back to promote better posture and stability of the shoulder) are necessary and all Level 1 techniques that I teach on a daily basis. The core is probably one of the most overly used terms AND least understood areas of the body.
  2. I start all my Level 1 clients with the Anti-Workout a core routine that challenges you to NOT flex, extend or rotate from the spine. It’s one of those workouts that looks easy, but kicks your butt!

Train Natural Movements

  1. The one piece of equipment everyone has is their own body! Learn to use it, move through the hips, stabilize the spine, and move through the shoulders. Try working out in various positions (standing, kneeling, side stepping, rotating). Working out is more than sitting on a piece of equipment, grabbing a handle and counting reps.  I teach 7 natural movement patterns Push (vertically and horizontally), Pull (vertically and horizontally), Squat, Lunge and Twist.  Mirror muscles are cool but being fit and functional are more important in the long run.


  1. When most people think about getting back into training, they go straight to the treadmill. Understand that your fitness is also dependant on other factors. Do not neglect your mobility, strength, coordination, power or cardio training. You need them all.


Roy was featured in Titan Magazine… Click here to view the article

Here is an excerpt from the article:
“Golf evokes visions of putting greens and driving ranges, but Roy Khoury 04 (B.S. kinesiology) is one of the few looking to transform the world of golf by incorporating fitness and exercise into golfers training regimens.

Khoury has evolved from a physical therapist aide to the president of RFK Training and a Titleist Performance Institute-certified golf trainer since graduating from Cal State Fullerton.

I always imagined working for myself, Khoury said. I realized that working in a typical gym with a bunch of equipment is not where I wanted to be.



Lecture to group 2 of 3- joint by joint approach

The Southern California Section PGA held their 2011 Spring Summit at Mission Viejo Country Club. The event was attended by over 60 teaching professionals from across Southern California. During the afternoon lectures RFK Training was featured presenting on the Golf Fitness and the Joint by Joint approach to healthy movement. The event was a great success!

Group 2 of 3- Hip Rotation assessment instruction

The second half of the lecture included a breakout portion in which RFK Training discussed mobility assessments that can be done on the range including ankle mobility, hip internal rotation mobility and thoracic spine and rib cage mobility.

Roy Khoury of RFK Training, featured lecturer at the 2011 SCPGA Spring Summit

Thank you Nikki Gatch and the Southern California PGA for allowing RFK Training to lecture at the 2011 Spring Summit!  It was a great experience and we hope to be apart of it next year!



Mission Viejo Country Club hosted over 60 PGA Professionals for the 2011 Spring Teaching Summit, sponsored by Cleveland/Srixon and supported by Pure Grips and RFK Training. Attendees were treated to seven hours of phenomenal instruction from a wide variety of speakers.



Oak Creek Golf Club & Pure focus â„¢ to Host Advanced College Prep Camp for Junior Golfers

Participating instructors and presenters scheduled to attend:

  • Eric Lohman: PGA Member, Oak Creek Golf Club Director of Golf, former UCLA golfer
  • Glenn Deck: Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor and Director of Instruction at Oak Creek Golf Club and Pelican Hill
  • Mark Reid: European PGA Professional and former David Leadbetter Instructor
  • Jason Goldsmith: AimPoint Instructor
  • Roy Khoury: Professional Golf Fitness Trainer (TPI Certified)
  • Ted Gleason: Head Coach & President of Road to College Golf, former collegiate head coach  (U of Southern California & Southern Methodist University)
  • Paul Smolinski: UCI Men’s Head Coach & Julie Brooks: UCI Women’s Head Coach
  • Jason Drotter: Cal State Fullerton Men’s Head Coach & Pearl Bonanni: Cal State Fullerton Women’s Head Coach

For more information click here