How much effort do you put into what you do? How Much Focus is really there?

What’s the difference between an athlete and me? Is an athlete born or made? Is there a secret routine that I don’t know about? Why can’t I get my 6- pack abs?  These are just a few questions I get asked as a trainer over and over again, and my answers are always the same….

– Everyone is different, and there is the occasional ‘genetic freak’ that are stronger, faster, or smarter than the rest of us.   We cannot compare ourselves to them.  What we can do is appreciate their work ethic and strive to do the best we can.

– Athletes train with focus and intensity! This is yet another thing we can strive for.  The difference maker for many of my clients is when they focus and think about what they are doing while they do it, rather than just going through the motions.

-Athletes are meticulous about their eating, recovery and training.  Again something we should try to achieve.  Many people train just to  but lack proper nutrition and/or sleep.  Eating well and sleeping 8-9 hrs per night are just as important as training.  IF the body isn’t allowed time to recovery with sleep and given the proper nutrients, it will never grow or improve.




Hey Everybody,

So we are in the throws of summer and the big question I get when I am out and about is “what’s the secret to losing weight”.  I both love and hate this question because if you’re looking for a secret, you’re looking for the easy way out…

When most people ask “How do I lose weight” my immediate response is “chop off a limb”, then of course I get the “dude you are you crazy” look.  We are all so geared into ‘weight loss’ because of shows like the biggest loser, and getting information from sources less credible that sometimes we don’t know what we are asking. Let’s ask for what we really want. You want to feel good in your clothes and look good naked.  To do that, you have to lose body fat, not body weight.

The truth of the matter is, there is no secret to losing body fat.  You’ve got to work hard, eat properly, keep your stress down, and get your sleep CONSISTENTLY.

If I don’t work out, I am never going to ask my body to change.  If I don’t eat properly, I am never going to ask my body to change.  If I don’t keep my stress down, I am never going to ask my body to change.  If I don’t get proper rest….You get the idea.  Being consistent is difficult, and when people lack consistency and do not change they get frustrated and stop.  I hate hearing “I’ve tried everything and I can’t lose fat”. Let’s call it for what it is, you’ve tried it but didn’t stick to it so it didn’t work.  You lacked the discipline to be consistent and that’s why you failed.  The bottom line is, there is no secret training routine, there is no secret diet, there is no secret supplement.  There is getting is done and being smart about it.

Having a plan is first.  You have to know where your weaknesses are and be to prepare to deal with them.  If I have knee issues, doing hours of cardio may not be my best thing for you, address the knee issues first then move on.  If you plan on starving yourself, be prepared to lose more muscle than fat.  If you plan on just dieting, again be prepared to most likely lose more muscle than fat.  If you are insanely stressed be prepared for a long road, your body will be stubborn about change. Getting back to the point, have a plan that is efficient and stick to it.

Make it a priority.  You have nothing without consistency.  Look at your schedule and make time.  The biggest excuses I hear deal with losing track of time, or getting side tracked.  Again, let’s call it for what it is, you mis-managed your time. It happens, we can never predict what life will throw at us, but we can do the best we can to approriate our time. If something happens and you get side tracked for some reason don’t be discouraged.  Learn from your mistake and get back on it the next day.  If your goal is to lose fat and get into better health, schedule some time for yourself and make it a priority.

I typically ask my fat loss clients a few questions at the start of every session:

1) How have you been sleeping? Less than 7 hours is bad, try for 8-9

2) How has your eating been? Shoot for eating every 4 hours or so and eat until you are 80% full

3) How has your cardio been? I ask that you do some cardio 3-5 days per week at about 20 min per session

4) How have your workouts been? Most of my clients workout on their own as well as with me.  I am the coach, and coach isn’t the end all, be all.  You’ve got to put time in on your own.  Unless you are seeing me 3 times a week of more you probably aren’t doing enough…

Without going back on what I said earlier, there is no ‘best’ anything.  The questions I ask are guidelines, if you stay within the guidelines, you get what you want.  If you don’t, you won’t.  It might be cliche, but how bad do you want it?