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A client of mine told me about an upcoming PBS special on digestive health and digest care products by a company called Renew Health. The company’s co-founder Brenda Watson is a certified nutrition consultant and digestive care expert that believes, as I do, that digestion is a very important part of health and cannot be over looked.

Brenda will be featured in her 4th PBS broadcast called The Road to Perfect Health- Balance Your Gut, Heal Your Body, an in depth look at how chronic disease starts with an unhealthy digestive system. You’ll learn why probiotics, not just yogurt :), are helpful for strengthening the gut and reducing illness and keeping healthy.

Here’s a short clip from the PBS special…

I think there are some really important key points to health and wellness and I will be reviewing some of the products from Renew Health soon. I will keep you updated on what I find!

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