My friends over at California Golf asked if I would like to be a featured blogger for the new website so I have started writing a series for them.  The First post I wrote about deals with on course nutrition and it titled “Eat, Drink, Score!” (click here to view).

Since the blog is a short write up, I decided to expand on some of the points I made in it here:

1) Always eat before your round!  It’s a good idea to have some food in your stomach before you go run out to play.  It’s stressful enough to get to the course with barely enough time to warm-up, so make sure you have eaten and have fuel for your round!

2) Choose water over sugary drinks.  Everyone likes a Gatorade or soda, but while your golfing (and especially in heat or humidity) water will serve you much better.  Water keeps you hydrated, that keeps your more muscles more limber which you want throughout your round.

3) Love up the good fats and protein!  I can’t stress enough, stay away from sugary foods and drinks.  Instead opt for some protein and fat (example would be some almonds and beef jerky, or a protein bar over a granola bar).  Reason being is you want good consistent blood sugar levels throughout your round.  If you eat a candy bar you will get your sugar rush, but you will crash and you don’t want that happening when your trying to sink that 4 footer for birdie.

Remember performance is about being prepared.  Eat smart, train smart and practice smart!  Your golf game will improve if you put the right work in!!

To see the other tips I wrote for California Golf click here 

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