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My buddy Tim Mitchell is a golf instructor over at Pelican Hill Golf Resort in Newport Beach, CA and has on occasion contacts me to go see his students movement mechanics. Well a couple of months ago Tim emailed me some video a student that clearly understood what he wanted, but physically couldn’t execute – so Tim asked me to come out and evaluate. She continually would go into a reverse spine angle and that is not going to make for a good swing long term or healthy hip/spine mechaincs.

After seeing the video and knowing she is a pre-teen girl new to golf, I automatically thought of 2 things:

1) Does she have any previous injury history

2) Can her body handle the stability her swing is requiring of her

We went through a brief health history and previous injury intake with nothing to be concerned with and some formal testing in which we found poor stability in the side-to-side (lateral) and rotary movement planes, so I did some quick thinking and used a thera-band to trick her brain in to recognizing the need to brace (which you will see in the video below). After getting the feel of the band we had her hit a ball with the band on and her father commented that that was the first time he had ever seen her hit the ball straight!

Luckily, Tim was able to use that as a good teaching tool and I was able to see her for a few sessions to teach her some better movement mechanics and she is well on her way to a good swing and her goal of making the school team.
The link below will take you to Tim’s full article on Golf WRX and the video included below is a brief video description in which I tried to mimic her swing fault and the correction provided.


If you are a golfer and can’t figure out how to improve your swing- you need to look to your movement mechanics, take the time to find a TPI certified Trainer and get yourself checked out! Check back often for new articles!




The Value of a Team in Golf Instruction

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