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How do you practice?

Talking Movement and Golf Fitness

Roy Khoury speaking to the Southern California section PGA

How do you practice? Did you know that how you practice can affect how you learn? What we do can either help gain/retain skills or hinder your progress altogether. With that being said, there are a couple of different ways we can practice to acquire or improve a skill and they are:

Blocked Practice- Blocked practice is doing the same thing over and over again such as going to the driving range and hitting multiple driver shots. Blocked practice is a great way to learn a new skill since it gives the brain and body a single skill to process, but will quickly lose its effectiveness if over used.

Randomized Practice- Random practice is basically prating how you would play. SO you can either use playing a few holes as random practice or even practice different distance or direction shots with the same club. Random practice is more like actually playing golf, and actually helps you build the ability to problem solve while working on your skill.

When you are new to a sport or movement its good to challenge the left brain in repetition, logical and objective goal setting. When you are proficient with your task, random practice helps challenge the right brain and its creativity, thought and performance. That being said, both types of practice are helpful for acquiring and improving your game, they just access different parts of the brain and challenge you in different ways, so its good to understand both and how both can help you. See how it works for you!

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