How much effort do you put into what you do? How Much Focus is really there?

What’s the difference between an athlete and me? Is an athlete born or made? Is there a secret routine that I don’t know about? Why can’t I get my 6- pack abs?  These are just a few questions I get asked as a trainer over and over again, and my answers are always the same….

– Everyone is different, and there is the occasional ‘genetic freak’ that are stronger, faster, or smarter than the rest of us.   We cannot compare ourselves to them.  What we can do is appreciate their work ethic and strive to do the best we can.

– Athletes train with focus and intensity! This is yet another thing we can strive for.  The difference maker for many of my clients is when they focus and think about what they are doing while they do it, rather than just going through the motions.

-Athletes are meticulous about their eating, recovery and training.  Again something we should try to achieve.  Many people train just to  but lack proper nutrition and/or sleep.  Eating well and sleeping 8-9 hrs per night are just as important as training.  IF the body isn’t allowed time to recovery with sleep and given the proper nutrients, it will never grow or improve.


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