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Power Production

Roy Khoury Training in his Studio

Power Production

Everyone wants to produce more power whether its for the golf swing, or for other sports, but how do we increase overall power output?

The question is quite simple:

Power= Force* Velocity

Or for us non-nerds, Power is a result of increasing (either or both)Strength and Speed. While the answer is simple, how to implement can be little complicated depending on the person. Here are the items I look at before creating a power program for clients:

  1. Can they move well? If someone has poor movement quality we have to address that first (and for a lot of people this is a huge help in power production alone, but more on that in another article).
  2. Do they have good strength? After a good base of movement, we need to make sure you can move some weight! It’s all about getting stronger
  3. After good movement competency, and some good strength, then we can add speed.
1 Leg Hip Hinge

Load and Explode through the hips for a better turn in your golf swing.

So how do we put it all together?

  1. Assessments! With a movement evaluation, we can see where there may be areas of poor movement that we need to coach, we can assess strength needs (upper body push and pull strength, lower body single leg strength) and speed production from the legs, core and upper body.
  2. After the assessment, we can create a custom training program to help you address all your movement needs.
  3. Getting the work done and re-measuring. With a plan in place, we can now implement and put in the physical work needed to make gains!

If you have questions or want to start in your program, contact us!



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