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Getting Golf Fit after 30

Roy Khoury Training in his Studio

How to get Golf Fit after the age of 30


Roy Khoury Training in his Studio

Roy Khoury Training in his Studio

We’ve all know the saying… “Getting old sucks”.  You wake up and your back hurts, your knees hurts, your neck hurts.   We blame it on getting old, but lets face it we trained like idiots in our teens and 20s (or did not train at all), and when we get into our 30’s we bust our butts trying to hold down a job, family and friends. With that we get to go to some fancy dinners out and maybe drink or two (maybe a little too regularly), and again we either continue to train like we did in our teens or 20’s or modify incorrectly or maybe avoid training altogether.  Old injuries, new pain, too much stress (mental, emotional, digestive, movement; there are different types of stress) and an increasing lack of time become our down fall.

Problem: We think we know and can do it all on our own

Answer:  Get an assessment.

1 Leg Hip Hinge

Load and Explode through the hips for a better turn in your golf swing.


  • I had to recently had a legal question I asked a lawyer client of mine and his initial response to me was, “You do you know why I hire you as a trainer? Because you are the expert! Don’t be stupid, get some legal council.”

    • The 30’s are the age in which we have to tackle a lot and take some risks but there are a few places where I would spend the money to do it once and do it right, 1) Movement 2) Medical 3) Skills coaching 4) Legal advice 5) Business advice

  • The guidance of a Movement Expert can up your game faster and more efficiently than trying it on your own. ( Self directed workouts tend to fail more than 90% of the time ( for multiple reasons. Anecdotally, most of my clients have failed in either, self directed movement, the wrong advice from the wrong source, or lack of motivation/goal setting.

Problem: Mismanagement of Time

Answer: Get a solid program

  • Having the correct program can help you identify your weak areas and I am not just talking about in your body, I am talking about how you spend your time working on your body.

  • Most of my clients walk out with strategy to work on that looks like this:

    • Must do list (stress management, movement regeneration, nutrition 101)

    • Should do list (Specific weight training to complement skill needs)

    • Can do list (the sexy stuff)

The goal is to be a little bit better everyday.

Problem: Mismanagement of Stress

Answer: Understand how different types of stress affect you

Eating clean helps with energy and focus

  • There is a great book out there by Robert Sapolsky called “Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers” read that or download it as an audible book.

  • If reading a book isn’t up your ally, check out this TED talk on stress management

Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

  • Stress management is one of the biggest issues I help people realize and find strategies to deal with in my 30 yr and older clients (and sometimes even my junior golfers- talk about stress management!).  We cover a variety of topics from mental, emotional, digestive, and movement stress. Stress is a huge road block that can stifle our fitness and athletic goals.