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Last week I posted a blog about a company called Renew and Brenda Watson. After researching a bit and watching Brenda’s PBS special via YouTube, I decided to order some products and try them out. As a Personal Trainer and Golf Fitness Professional I feel it is important to educate about health, and physiology with my clients.

I placed an order for Renew’s Probiotic formula as well as the Liver Cleanse. The reason I decided to use the Probiotic was based on Brenda’s information from her special.  Although I tend to eat pretty clean most of the time, I have always wondered how well I digest and process foods so we will see how the Probiotics go. I also chose to try the Liver Cleanse. With all the toxins in the environment, and even within foods we eat, the Liver is constantly taxed to purify the body. I figured some support wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I ordered the products and received them quite quickly (even they are carried at most local stores such as Whole Foods) and have been using them for about 4 days now. I will update my findings again in about a week or so.

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