Enhancing your performance means optimizing your functional movement.

At Roy Khoury Fitness, we take a joint-by-joint approach to training because fitness is more than a perfect golf swing or solid time for a 50m sprint. It’s a whole-body experience.

Roy khoury one on one with client

Getting started with our Method

Step 1: Assessment – Setting the Baseline for Your Performance

We customize fitness programs to each body’s unique needs, so we start the process by defining your goals and identifying how your body moves right now. The 55-minute movement assessment leverages Functional Movement Screenings (FMS) and may also include specialized screenings, such as golf-specific assessments. Each assessment ends with a full review – what did we do and what does it mean. Read more about the Assessment Process.

Roy khoury one on one with client
Step 2: Custom Regimen – Creating Workouts to Achieve Your Goals

Experience the effectiveness of workouts designed for your body and your goals. Powered by your baseline data, we design a custom workout regimen for you to start right now. You walk away from your assessment with an action plan to get you started – whether you decide to take the next step into one-on-one training or not.

Roy khoury one on one Work out with client
Step 3: Next Steps – Optimizing Performance with Ongoing Training

Achieving your goals requires hard work, commitment, and guidance. As you take the next step into 1-on-1 training performance sessions, your initial custom regimen becomes your homework and your warm-up. We work together to continually adapt,

Roy khoury ongoing training with client

What’s that mean?

It means we understand that tight hips lead to back pain; weak abs can devastate your golf swing; and developing the muscles that support functional movement is guaranteed to enhance accuracy. In other words, improving your golf swing isn’t about working the muscles in your shoulders – it’s about honing all of the muscles your body uses when it twists, coils, uncoils, and swings.

At Roy Khoury Fitness, I don’t provide golf lessons or teach you how to swing. I fill the gap between your golf practice and your typical gym workouts – to uncover what’s holding you back from the next level of performance. Then, I design a fitness and nutrition program to help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

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