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It is important that we stress improving quality of movement to improve your sport performance. Roy Khoury Fitness is at the fore front of fitness for health, fitness and golf and is your leading source for Golf Fitness Training.

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Roy founded his studio in 2014 with a focus to provide a fitness solution to golfers that want to train smart and efficiently. The goal is assess a client’s movement and design programs based on the needs and goals of the athlete to improve fitness with the minimum effective dose and a goal-driven purpose while minimizing the risk of injury.

Training Videos

Warming Up for Golf

Check out this YouTube video on warming up your core for golf! There are a series of simple yet effective drills that are specific to a golf athlete’s needs.

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Trunk Rotation

Want to improve your ability to swing a goal club? Check out this simple drill that can help you move better and hit the ball with better accuracy.

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Remodel Time!!!

After 2.5 years we are remodeling the studio! Stay tuned for more information on new classes, workshops and training!

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Featured Articles

Random Thoughts

A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time in San Fransisco working and attending a seminar and had some time to reflect on things. I must say I feel pretty fortunate to be able to have a career that challenges me to learn, grow and want better for myself to better...

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What is mobility and why should I care? Lets call it for what it is, mobility is movement. We were made to move and if we don't move then we hurt, and if we hurt then life sucks. The goal is not to achieve extreme movement but rather to have OPTIMAL movement of joints...

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My buddy Tim Mitchell is a golf instructor over at Pelican Hill Golf Resort in Newport Beach, CA and has on occasion contacts me to go see his students movement mechanics. Well a couple of months ago Tim emailed me some video a student that clearly understood what he...

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What Clients Are Saying

“I have been teaching golf for 30 years and the most important piece of a golf equipment is your body. Your mobility, stability, and flexibility determines how effectively you can swing your golf clubs. If your looking to improve your golf game you have to evaluate your body and any limitations it may be creating for you. Roy Khoury is one of the best when it comes to improving your functional movement patterns which can benefit both you and your golf game. To improve your health and your golf game I highly recommend Roy Khoury Fitness.Get Fixed”

– Glenn Deck
Director of Instruction
Pelican Hill Golf Club,
Newport Coast, CA

“In May 2016, I saw Roy for an evaluation after almost two years of persisting back and hip issues that were affecting my quality of life and keeping me from my passion, competitive golf. I traveled all the way from Michigan to see him, and couldn’t be happier that I did.

After assessing me, Roy developed a customized program that included highly specialized stretches and exercises that got me feeling better almost immediately. Since I was from out of town, I really appreciated the photos he sent me via DropBox that showed the perfect positions for my stretches and exercises. And when I had questions, he went above and beyond for me, using email and FaceTime to supply answers. He even helped me find a reliable trainer in my area, so I could continue to improve my conditioning and get back on the course.

As Editor-In-Chief of GolfWRX.com, I work with a lot of highly qualified fitness experts, and Roy is certainly one of the best, especially in the world of golf fitness. I can’t thank him enough for his help.”

– Zak Kozuchowski

GolfWRX Editor-in-Chief

“My name is George Pinnell and I am the owner of The George Pinnell Golf Academy, located in Rowland Heights, California.  I am a PGA member who specializes in Player Development program’s for golfer’s who are interested in competitive golf.  I have been fortunate to work with a number of NCAA All-American’s, LPGA/PGA Tour Players and over 40 AJGA Rolex Junior All-American’s including a Rolex AJGA Junior Player of the Year. I was interested in finding a competent fitness coach who has had success in developing young player’s so that they can become stronger, more flexible and can help prevent injuries through their fitness program.  I wanted a golf specific facility that understands the requirements that a golf swing makes on the body. I visited Roy’s facility and learned more about his work and his commitment to TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). Roy’s background in Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology was an important reason for me to consider his services.

I sent several young players to Roy’s facility to experience his fitness coaching. I was interested in how he could help the players to increase their flexibility, strength and in several cases, identify a weakness in their structure that was causing them to have a swing flaw. Roy sends me a synopsis of what each player worked on, what their homework would entail for the following week along with pictures/video to keep me informed.

I was pleased with the outcomes that Roy achieved with these players and decided that I would use his Studio as an extension of my program to help players become the best that they can be, in a safe, consistent, environment.”

– George Pinnell, PGA

The George Pinnell Golf Academy