Bill V.

Bill V.

Client of Roy’s

Before working with Roy, I was seeing a chiropractor regularly for back, hip, and shoulder pain. But progress was slow and I still had a lot of discomfort. Since working with Roy, I’ve been able to go three weeks without a chiropractic visit. My chiro even noted that I didn’t need any adjustment to my SI joint, and that my lumbar was much easier to adjust. He also told me that my shoulder is improving as well. Roy’s program has absolutely been the key component in my improvement.

Lance K.

Lance K.

Client of Roy’s

Since my injury, it’s crazy how much relief the pumping, tissue work, and stretching I’ve done with Roy has given me. Every day I do the customized routine of stretching and exercises he gave me, and recently even felt up to testing out my progress with some beach volleyball. I’m looking forward to working with Roy further to maintain my progress and build strength.

Marc Marini Head Pro at Sea Cliff Country Club

Marc Marini, PGA

Head Pro at Sea Cliff Country Club

As a golf coach a big part of my job is to understand how people’s functional movement and physicality correlates to their effectiveness as golfers. I am always looking for mentors who can deepen and expand my understanding of this. Roy is one of those mentors. He is intelligent, well informed, and most importantly can apply what he knows to help people improve as athletes.

I first met Roy years ago when I was having trouble with mobility in my feet and ankles. He was recommended to me by a fellow golf professional.  I had been to many doctors, physical therapists and trainers, none of whom were able to get to the bottom of how to fix my problem. Roy was unique. His thorough approach to assessment and diagnosis made all the difference. Not only did he help me improve my movement pattern but he also helped me understand the why of what was actually going on.

Roy’s guidance has made me a better golfer and a better golf coach, which means he has helped me to better help others. I personally know many athletes who have worked with Roy and everyone will tell you the same thing, he is organized, he is professional, and he cares!

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Shelby Hensler Holistic, alignment-based yoga teacher

Shelby Hensler

Holistic, alignment-based yoga teacher

Roy is a talented teacher and a dedicated student. He is passionate about his job and truly cares about people. I have had the pleasure of working with Roy for the past 5 years, and he has honestly made me better at my job. His extensive knowledge of the body combined with intelligent programming make him one of the best trainers in the field.

The connection between physical abilities and limitations and athletic performance is a fact of life at any level of golf. I have full confidence in Roy and work seamlessly with him to help my students play their best.

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Alan Ochiai Master PGA Instructor

Alan Ochiai

PGA, Master PGA Instructor

Roy gives freely of his knowledge and expertise. He has been a great friend and resource to the SCPGA. His kindness, passion and interest toward the individual standing before him is immediately evident.

The connection between physical abilities and limitations and athletic performance is a fact of life at any level of golf. I have full confidence in Roy and work seamlessly with him to help my students play their best.

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Zak Kozuchowski GolfWRX Editor-in-Chief

Zak Kozuchowski

GolfWRX Editor-in-Chief

In May 2016, I saw Roy for an evaluation after almost two years of persisting back and hip issues that were affecting my quality of life and keeping me from my passion, competitive golf. I traveled all the way from Michigan to see him, and couldn’t be happier that I did.

After assessing me, Roy developed a customized program that included highly specialized stretches and exercises that got me feeling better almost immediately. Since I was from out of town, I really appreciated the photos he sent me via DropBox that showed the perfect positions for my stretches and exercises. And when I had questions, he went above and beyond for me, using email and FaceTime to supply answers. He even helped me find a reliable trainer in my area, so I could continue to improve my conditioning and get back on the course.

As Editor-In-Chief of GolfWRX.com, I work with a lot of highly qualified fitness experts, and Roy is certainly one of the best, especially in the world of golf fitness. I can’t thank him enough for his help.

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Erika Ilagan Sea Cliff Country Club

Erika Ilagan

Symertra Tour, Assistant Instructor Sea Cliff Country Club, Ca.

I currently play on the Symetra Tour and work at SeaCliff Country Club where I am an Assistant Professional and PGA Apprentice. I met Roy after my 2014 season on Symetra Tour. I was looking for a Golf Fitness Instructor that had knowledge about the game of golf and could help my improve my physical fitness for the upcoming season.

Roy’s knowledge base and training was unlike any other trainer I’ve worked with. I appreciate his attention to detail and mapping out programs that were geared towards improving my weak spots and helping my back issues. The biggest different I notice is more control with my swing and physically feeling ready to play week after week.

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Glenn Deck – Pelican Hill Golf Club

Glenn Deck

Director of Instruction - Pelican Hill Golf Club, Newport Coast, CA

I have been teaching golf for 30 years and the most important piece of a golf equipment is your body. Your mobility, stability, and flexibility determines how effectively you can swing your golf clubs. If your looking to improve your golf game you have to evaluate your body and any limitations it may be creating for you.

Roy Khoury is one of the best when it comes to improving your functional movement patterns which can benefit both you and your golf game. To improve your health and your golf game I highly recommend Roy Khoury Fitness. Get Fixed!

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