How to Maintain a Healthy Immune System

I hope you’re taking some precautions and hopefully boosting your immune system.

I’m taking the following to boost my immune 
1. 2000mg of Vit C
2. 25000iu of Vit A 
3. 7500 of Vit D (that’s my range based on testing with my naturopathic doctor, its best to get yours checked when all this craziness subsides to see how much is your ideal amount is) 
4. Eucalyptus  or Teatree oil 2 drops rubbed into hands for 30 seconds both to help with the respiratory system a couple times throughout the day. 
5. Thieves Oil throughout the day – same thing 1-2 drops rubbed into the hands for 30 sec to help as a disinfectant for the sinus and respiratory system. 
– I generally use Young Living brand which can be found online or Aura Cacia which can be found at Whole Foods etc 

Beyond that I utilize an air purifier at the studio and at home. I have a brand called Rabbit Air they had been working like a champ in the studio for the last 7 years- I change filters every 10-12 months, and the air feels noticeably lighter with them functioning.

For the last 4 years I have been utilizing an infrared sauna at home anywhere from a couple times per week to daily for various purposes. 1 purpose in particular is to help out the pores of the skin which is one of our biggest detoxifying systems in the body. Most of us live inside air conditioning houses, cars and places of work and our body doesn’t sweat as often as it could to keep ourselves healthy- this is an easy, no impact way to work on that component. I will write more on this in the future.

When it becomes available again I’ll be looking into purchasing an Ozone machine for periodic use throughout the day. You can read more here 

I was planning to purchase 1 for the studio and 1 for the home before the start of 2020 but got side tracked and as of today, I am unable to find ozone machines that will ship to me, and I think it’s due to the craziness of the corona virus and everything going into lockdown.  

If you have any questions and please reach out and let me know.

In Health and Happiness! 

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