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Performance Place Sports Care

Roy Khoury discusses adding flexibility drills to your regular workouts to help keep injuries in check, in the July issue of Southland Golf Magazine

Performance Place Sports Care – Podcast

Training Quality of Motion, Warm-ups, & Co-managing Fitness: Roy Khoury. Roy is a good friend and colleague of mine who I have had on the show before, way back before I really committed keeping the show going.

Roy has an extremely logical way of thinking of training for function, not just aesthetics.

In this session, Roy shares what’s built within a fitness program/ workout other than just getting a 6 pack. He says he programs this way because he mainly works with golfers who have the goal to play better, hit harder and prevent injury.

We also go into the concept of co-managing clients with doctors and skills coaches, which we both can credit TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) for teaching us. Stay till the very end and he gives us some life hacks on fitness.

Roy was a guest at for this production