Speaking Engagments

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Speaking engagements

Trusted by organizations such as the Southern California PGA, Roy Khoury is a skilled speaker who weaves informative and entertaining presentations. He customizes speeches, seminars, and workshops to address your audience’s needs.

What topics are you covering at your next event?


Roy Khoury offers engaging presentations on a wide range of topics for events across Southern California.

  • Sorting through conflicting trends in exercise and nutrition?
  • Optimizing your golf game?
  • Training young athletes for speed and strength?
  • The evolving role of technology in sports and physical training?
  • Getting back in the game after surgery and physical therapy?


Roy has presented on many topics, including:

  • How to Properly Train Speed in Kids
  • The Developmental Growth Phases of Young Athletes
  • Taking a Joint-by-Joint Approach to Movement
  • Who, What, Where, When, and Why: Technology’s Role in Your Clients’ Training Regimens



Education is of paramount importance to Roy. With 15 certifications and counting, Roy is always developing new skills. Be it new stretching techniques or the latest in technology, Roy is the man to see.

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