Golf Programs

Roy Khoury Golf Programs

What are your golf goals?

  • Increasing your accuracy?
  • Driving the ball farther?
  • Putting with more confidence?
  • Maintaining your energy on the back 9?
  • Coming back from an injury?
  • All of the above?

Optimizing Your Performance with Golf Fitness Training

At Roy Khoury Fitness, our Golf Fitness Experts bridge the gap between your skill-building on the course and your personal trainer at the gym. We don’t provide golf lessons – we strategically train your body to optimize your golf performance.

The R|K method blends specialized golf training, personal training, and physical therapy techniques to create a dynamic, joint-by-joint approach that maximizes your ability to achieve your goals.

Our clients include pro golfers, golf trainers, student athletes, and weekend warriors – golfers at every level who take the game seriously.

Roy Khoury Golf Programs
Roy Khoury Golf Programs
Roy Khoury Golf Programs

Step 1 – Functional Movement & Skill Assessments.

Every golfer knows that your swing is a full-body motion, requiring strength, agility, and precision. Working with your Golf Fitness Trainer, we’ll analyze the motion of your body as you swing – looking at the flexibility in your shoulders, the movement of your hips, your ability to coil and uncoil, and more. This lets us see where you’re thriving and what’s holding you back.


Step 2 – One-on-One Golf Fitness Workouts.

Just like every other type of athlete, golfers benefit from custom-tailored exercise routines designed to hone their body for their sport. You’ll have a regimen for home workouts and gym warm-ups, and you’ll work 1-on-1 with a Golf Fitness Trainer in The Studio, who continually adapts your program as your body becomes more efficient.


Step 3 – Whole-Body Regimens.

We help you sort through the conflicting exercise trends and fad diets, so you’re incorporating the routines that are best for your body.

Roy Khoury Golf Programs
Roy Khoury Golf Programs
Roy Khoury Golf Programs

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R|K Golf Programs at a Glance

  • 55-Minute Initial Assessment, including history, goals, and functional movement screening
  • Customized exercise regimens for home workouts and warm-ups
  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with Roy Khoury at The Studio
  • Continually adapted training programs to address your evolving needs and skills
  • Video recordings to track progress and guide performance
  • Nutrition, game-day, and post-workout regimens to address your whole-body needs
Roy Khoury Golf workout