Our wide range of certifications empower us to address the needs of your whole body – from how you fuel it to how you move it and everything in between. If you’re looking for true expertise in your trainer, you’ve come to the right place.

At Roy Khoury Fitness, we believe our commitment continuing education is the key for providing our clients with the most dynamic solutions for achieving their goals.

What are your goals?

  • To drive the ball farther?
  • To putt with more accuracy?
  • To surf, run, or simply perform better?
  • To increase your energy?
  • To overcome an injury?
  • To feel like an athlete once again?

What we’ve been up to

The past few years have been fun opening up the studio, having kids, continuing education, and having a full load of clients!

In 2018, Roy completed:

  • State Certification for Massage Therapy
  • Enrolled in Soma Therapy completing:
    • Business of Fitness Training
    • Pumping
    • Pumping 2
    • Pumping 3
    • Periodization and Kinesiology

In 2019, Roy has completed:

  • Fascia Normalization 1
  • FN 2
  • FN 3
  • GPS
  • Upper Limb Strength
  • Lower Limb Strength
  • ELDOA 3
  • Cardio Training

and will complete:

  • MFS (August, retaking)
  • TTLS – 1 (November)
  • ELDOA 4 (September – October)
  • Strapping for Sports and Orthopedic Trauma (September)

In 2020, he plans to take:

  • TTLS 2
  • TTLS 3
  • Clinical Application of Training
  • Analytical Strengthening of Abs and Diaphragm
  • Tentative ELDOA 5
  • Tentative Studies at Sunderland School of Osteopathy

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) certified

  • the medical off shoot of the FMS used when pain is present entry level starting point for acute or chronically injured athletes/non-athletes. Allows me the ability to differentiate between movement/fitness intervention, or medical intervention (I.e. massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, orthopedic, medical doctor, etc)
  • More info on SFMA

titleist tpi level 3 certification

Soma therapy

    Soma Therapy (in process) Dr Guy Voyer, Doctor of Osteopathy

  • Year 1: Understanding “Space and Flow”
  • maintain space of the body and fluids and you’ll be healthy
  • Joint, Capsule, Ligament, Bursa
  • 3D mapping of the body
  • Bony landmarks and feeling differences
  • Year 2: “Normalize the chains of fascia”
  • Physiology, histology, pathophysiology
  • Directions and layers of fascia
  • Aponeurosis superficial and deep connections, specific treatment of specific structures
  • Connie 3D mapping of the body and beginning framework of knowing joint by joint fascia links and fluid movement
  • Palpation of PRM with light touch
  • Year 3: Tensegrity and Biomechanics and TTLS
  • Biomechanics changes when you look at it through this lens
  • Fascia anatomy and differentiating quadrant of richet boundaries of the posterior sacroiliac ligaments and SGHL from the MGHL
  • Year 4: PRM and Skull Biomechanics
  • PRM and skull biomechanics in it’s relationship to ventricles
  • diaphragms and 3 chains of the body from cranial to pelvic
  • 3D mapping with the floors and the ceiling
  • Palpating precision treating all connection
  • More on Dr Guy Voyer
titleist tpi level 3 certification

Titleist Performance Institute certifications

Roy is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) for all 3 golf fitness instructor levels, which is the highest designation available through TPI.

Since the late 1990’s, the game of golf has seen a seismic shift in how player’s at the highest level prepare and maintain their bodies for competition. Player’s are more powerful, more athletic and better equipped at an earlier age to perform at the highest levels while older players are extending their careers at incredibly high performance levels.

The game has reached a point where its participants do not need convincing that better fitness, biomechanics and health will improve their chances of playing their best. Today’s golfers need to be convinced that their instructors are up to date with the latest information on the sport.

Golfers want to trust their coach, instructor or practitioner. TPI Certification gives golfers that trust!

  • TPI level 1 Body-Swing analysis testing
  • Physical testing mobility- stability
  • Technology testing
  • Boditrak pressure mat for assessing foot pressure
  • K-Vest 3D biomechanics testing of the body
  • Trackman doppler radar testing for ball flight
  • TPI level 2 speed, strength and power testing
  • Physical testing for global speed, strength, power
  • Physical testing for local speed, strength, power
  • TPI level 3 ability to work with:
  • Female athletes needs dealing with hormonal issues and training around their cycle
  • Ability to work with the Male/Female Tour Professional golfer
  • TPI Webpage

titleist tpi level 3 certification

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

  • The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification is the world’s most respected nutrition education program. It gives you the knowledge, systems, and tools to really understand how food influences a person’s health and fitness. Plus the ability to turn that knowledge into a thriving coaching practice.
  • Developed over 15 years, and proven with over 100,000 clients and patients, the Precision Nutrition curriculum stands alone as the authority on the science of nutrition and the art of coaching.
titleist tpi level 3 certification