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What we’ve been up to

The past few years have been fun opening up the studio, having kids, continuing education, and having a full load of clients!

In 2018, Roy completed:

  • State Certification for Massage Therapy
  • Enrolled in Soma Therapy completing:
    • Business of Fitness Training
    • Pumping
    • Pumping 2
    • Pumping 3
    • Periodization and Kinesiology

In 2019, Roy has completed:

  • Fascia Normalization 1
  • FN 2
  • FN 3
  • GPS
  • Upper Limb Strength
  • Lower Limb Strength
  • ELDOA 3
  • Cardio Training

and will complete:

  • MFS (August, retaking)
  • TTLS – 1 (November)
  • ELDOA 4 (September – October)
  • Strapping for Sports and Orthopedic Trauma (September)

In 2020, he plans to take:

  • TTLS 2
  • TTLS 3
  • Clinical Application of Training
  • Analytical Strengthening of Abs and Diaphragm
  • Tentative ELDOA 5
  • Tentative Studies at Sunderland School of Osteopathy

Got Shoulders?

One of the biggest things I have seen reoccurring over the last 6 months or so is shoulder injuries.

It’s typically in my male golfers, typically in the trail shoulder and it’s due to a couple of things that I am seeing:

1. Poor Upper Body Posture

I am sure you have seen the person with rounded shoulders that looks like they are slouching all the time. Being chronically pulled into that position, plus trying to force more shoulder external rotation leads to adding stress to the rotator cuff muscles and the joint capsule of the shoulder.

2. A lack of understanding of how the shoulder works both on the body and in the golf swing.

We take our mobility for granted sometimes… The shoulder is a pretty complex joint as it is made up of 3 bones, the collar bone, the shoulder blade and the upper arm bone. If you look at the anatomy, the whole shoulder complex is really only attached to the body at the point where our collar bone meets our sternum. That’s our only joint related fixed point. Because of that, we have a lot of muscular attachments that need to be strong to both allow for freedom of movement and to create stability for the shoulder joint. When a joint has a lot of opportunity to move, there are a lot of moving pieces in the background that need to function to not over strain any one place (muscle, tendon, ligament, capsule, etc).

The shoulder blade is hugely important as it travels around the torso to deliver the arm where it wants to go. If the shoulder blade doesn’t move well, then the shoulder joint proper will be strained.

3. The answer:

Get strong!

Our “brakes” need to match our “gas pedal”. I always like to use the example of having a Lamborghini with Honda Civic brakes. Not to knock the Civic, but there is a mismatch. The lamb weighs more, creates way more horse power and needs strong brakes to make sure it can handle and stop properly. With that being said, we need to have good “brakes” and for the shoulder the brakes are the rhomboids, the mid and lower traps, and the rotator cuff. If the “gas pedal” of the shoulders (the deltoids, the chest muscles, and the lats) are too strong for the “brake muscles” then there is an imbalance and something will give.

All this talk about the shoulders is fine, but what transfers energy most directly from the shoulder to the core (especially in the golf swing)? I believe it is the serrates anterior muscle. The serrates connects from the shoulder blade to the rib cage and directly to the external obliques. If that serrates muscle is asleep, then typically, we will see the “armsy” style golf swing, and poor sequencing of the arms getting ahead of the body in downswing.

Marc Marini Head Pro at Sea Cliff Country Club

Marc Marini, PGA

Head Pro at Sea Cliff Country Club

As a golf coach a big part of my job is to understand how people’s functional movement and physicality correlates to their effectiveness as golfers. I am always looking for mentors who can deepen and expand my understanding of this. Roy is one of those mentors. He is intelligent, well informed, and most importantly can apply what he knows to help people improve as athletes.

I first met Roy years ago when I was having trouble with mobility in my feet and ankles. He was recommended to me by a fellow golf professional.  I had been to many doctors, physical therapists and trainers, none of whom were able to get to the bottom of how to fix my problem. Roy was unique. His thorough approach to assessment and diagnosis made all the difference. Not only did he help me improve my movement pattern but he also helped me understand the why of what was actually going on.

Roy’s guidance has made me a better golfer and a better golf coach, which means he has helped me to better help others. I personally know many athletes who have worked with Roy and everyone will tell you the same thing, he is organized, he is professional, and he cares!

titleist tpi level 3 certification

Shelby Hensler Holistic, alignment-based yoga teacher

Shelby Hensler

Holistic, alignment-based yoga teacher

Roy is a talented teacher and a dedicated student. He is passionate about his job and truly cares about people. I have had the pleasure of working with Roy for the past 5 years, and he has honestly made me better at my job. His extensive knowledge of the body combined with intelligent programming make him one of the best trainers in the field.

The connection between physical abilities and limitations and athletic performance is a fact of life at any level of golf. I have full confidence in Roy and work seamlessly with him to help my students play their best.

titleist tpi level 3 certification

Alan Ochiai Master PGA Instructor

Alan Ochiai

PGA, Master PGA Instructor

Roy gives freely of his knowledge and expertise. He has been a great friend and resource to the SCPGA. His kindness, passion and interest toward the individual standing before him is immediately evident.

The connection between physical abilities and limitations and athletic performance is a fact of life at any level of golf. I have full confidence in Roy and work seamlessly with him to help my students play their best.

titleist tpi level 3 certification
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