Roy Khoury assessment process with client

It’s time to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to feel stronger and more energetic?
  • Are you maximizing your performance?
  • Are old injuries holding you back?
  • Is your energy draining halfway through the game?

At Roy Khoury Fitness, I customize solutions for your challenges.

Customized Training Starts with Baseline Performance Assessments

Forget the general assessments you’ve experienced at your local gym. At Roy Khoury Fitness, I blend personal training, specialized sports training, and physical therapy methodologies to understand your body and how it moves. It’s an essential first step for creating a customized, goal-oriented fitness program.

Step 1: The 55-minute movement assessment begins with a deep-dive into your history, previous injuries, and future goals. After all, a training program for a 20-year-old pro golfer is different than one for an executive who was a former basketball star.

Step 2: Then, we get up and moving. Each physical assessment starts with a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to see how your body moves right now. Depending on your goals and your current performance, we may also venture into specialized screenings, such as golf-specific, skill-based, or speed-based assessments.

Step 3: After you’ve grabbed a glass of water, we’ll sit together and review the results – what we did, why we did it, and what it all means. Powered by your baseline data, we design an easy-to-follow custom workout regimen for you to start right away. You walk away from your assessment with an action plan to get you started – whether you decide to take the next step into one-on-one training or not.

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