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Your toughest challenge is yourself.

Lifting Weights

Unlocking your ability to go beyond yourself is Roy Khoury’s specialty. Since 2001, Roy has worked with top-tier athletes, helping them optimize their bodies to meet their sport’s demands. From marathon runners to PGA golfers, Roy’s clients have reaped the benefits of his deep understanding of biomechanics, fitness and nutrition. With 15 certifications ranging from kinesiology to sport-specific training, Roy brings a science-based approach to his studio. From an initial movement and biomechanics assessment to ongoing workout routines and nutrition plans, Roy will be your mentor and guide, helping you reach the next level of performance.

To reach your peak, you need a guide who’ll get you to the top. Roy Khoury isn’t just a trainer—he’s a true athletic fitness professional who’s ready to help you be your best self.

Roy Khoury’s Process


Reach the next level of performance. If you’re a high-level athlete, we’ll work with you to develop a personalized training program that meets your unique needs.



Identify how your body moves. Your fitness future starts here.

Custom Regimen

Custom Regimen

Tailored training & lifestyle suggestions to move you forward.

Expert Training

Expert Training

Optimize your performance with specialized movement training.

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Shelby Hensler
Shelby Hensler

Shelby Hensler
Holistic, alignment-basedyoga teacher

“Roy is a talented teacher and a dedicated student. He is passionate about his job and truly cares about people. I have had the pleasure of working with Roy for the past 5 years, and he has honestly made me better at my job. His extensive knowledge of the body combined with intelligent programming make him one of the best trainers in the field.

The connection between physical abilities and limitations and athletic performance is a fact of life at any level of golf. I have full confidence in Roy and work seamlessly with him to help my students play their best.”

Maximize Your Performance, Health, & Fitness


Roy Khoury is a true partner, guide and friend to his clients. He’s dedicated to helping his clients understand their bodies, and using that knowledge to craft fitness programs that will solve each person’s unique challenges. If you’re ready to take the next step to personal wellness, he’s ready to help you.

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