Marc Marini Head Pro at Sea Cliff Country Club

Marc Marini, PGA

Head Pro at Sea Cliff Country Club

As a golf coach a big part of my job is to understand how people’s functional movement and physicality correlates to their effectiveness as golfers. I am always looking for mentors who can deepen and expand my understanding of this. Roy is one of those mentors. He is intelligent, well informed, and most importantly can apply what he knows to help people improve as athletes.

I first met Roy years ago when I was having trouble with mobility in my feet and ankles. He was recommended to me by a fellow golf professional.  I had been to many doctors, physical therapists and trainers, none of whom were able to get to the bottom of how to fix my problem. Roy was unique. His thorough approach to assessment and diagnosis made all the difference. Not only did he help me improve my movement pattern but he also helped me understand the why of what was actually going on.

Roy’s guidance has made me a better golfer and a better golf coach, which means he has helped me to better help others. I personally know many athletes who have worked with Roy and everyone will tell you the same thing, he is organized, he is professional, and he cares!

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